Myofascial Release for tight and sore muscles!

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Compared to a Single Foam Roller

Traditional single foam rollers can be hard to balance on and can apply too much pressure making it hard to perform the desired myofascial release.

Multiple foam rollers connected together helps with balance and allows one to maneuver on the adjacent rolls to establish the preferred pressures for myofascial release, massage, and stretching. This foam roller system can be used to hit 1, 2 or 3 places at once.

Benefits & Features

• Easy to balance on.
• Can apply the desired pressure.
• Two or three rolls hits multiple areas at once.
• Quick release pins to adjust distances.
• 17” in length makes it easy for travel.
• Therapists recommend high density 6” foam rollers for Self Myofascial Release.
• Can be used as a single roller.


Parts & Accessories