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Glute stretches using foam roller exercises really help with tight glutes, sore glutes and gluteus maximus (butt or buttock) pain. Performing gluteus maximus myofascial release by rolling out the glutes is a great treatment to loosening up tight or sore muscles. The Multi-Roller is a great foam roller system to perform myofascial release for glutes which are tight or sore because of muscle fascial problems.

Prior to all exercises:
Place Tandem or Tri Roller on floor.
Make sure hair is pulled up and baggy clothes are tucked in to avoid from becoming tangled under the rollers.

Gluteus Maximus Myofascial Release Technique

  • Sit on top of one of the rollers.
  • Use the other roller(s) for support. If using two rollers you may need to adjust rollers for optimum comfort.
  • Place either both feet and hands flat on the floor to push/pull, or cross one foot over opposite knee and use both hands and one foot to push/pull.
  • Slowly roll back and forth.
  • Massage your glutes and find trigger points (sore areas).
  • When finding a sore spot, adjust weight by rotating to one cheek to produce the desired pressure on the trigger point; roll back and forth until you feel it release.

The Tri-Roller, having three foam rollers, is typically more effective for massage. The Tandem Roller, having two foam rollers, is typically more effective for myofascial release. However, each user has different pressure thresholds so one may desire the Tri-Roller to perform myofascial release.

For users with limited mobility, flexibility or injury, you may need to adjust or deviate from the exercises to accommodate to your situation. The Multi-Roller also has attachable handles to use a single roller for some exercises or have another person aid in performing massage or myofascial release for the body areas which one is unable to perform.

This foam roller system was designed to be used for self myofascial release, massage and increasing flexibility by loosening up soft tissue before stretching. The Multi-Roller is intended for an experienced individual or one that is directed by a competent health care professional. The body part that is found to be tender (“sore spot” or “trigger point”) is gently rolled on and as the pain is reduced the roller pressure should be increased. One should be patient, as this may take a few minutes. (If the pain remains the same or increases, then one should stop immediately and consult a health care professional for their treatment. It is always recommended to consult with a health care professional before doing any new exercise program, especially for those with a pre-existing injury or health issues.)


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